Breanna & Kevin - Spring Sunset

It's always a privilege when other creatives I'm inspired by trust me with photographing them. Not only are Kevin and Breanna awesome photographers, they're some of the nicest people you'll ever meet (Example A: when I lost my chap stick and Breanna gave me one of their home made ones!). I knew right away I would be excited to shoot with them. I mean, man oh man do they have style!

Deciding to wing it, we headed out to a location none of us had been too before and it worked out perfectly. Not only do Breanna and Kevin look amazing together (Ryan Gosling doppelganger?), they're the kind of couple that you can tell truly are amazing together even after a single meeting. The way the interact with each other both goofily and intimately, even when the camera isn't pointed at them is amazing to see. And to think they got together all because of a college roommate with bad body odor (I'm not gonna tell the story but trust me it's a good one). 

Aaron & Kenzie - Snowy Mountain Engagements

After their amazing cabin proposal last month, Aaron and Kenzie wanted to do their engagement photos in the snow. Despite driving through a minor blizzard on the way over the Cascade Mountains, we ended up with nearly perfect conditions at our destination. We spent a wonderful afternoon goofing around in knee deep snow and laughing our butts off. At their request, I brought my dog Piper to play with their handsome boy and we met some other pups along the way.

Aaron and Kenzie have to be some of the kindest and most enjoyable people I've ever met. They're all smiles, all the time. Despite me accidentally pushing Aaron over into 2' deep snow it was a great session. We wrapped up the drive home with some fun conversation and excellent diner food as the snow fell outside. It had been a bit of a gap between shoots for me and I was yet again reminded how much I love what I do. I can't wait to shoot their wedding later this year!

Aaron & Kenzie - Mountain Cabin Proposal

For 2018 I did we most of us do. I made a list of goals, things I wanted to do, etc. Shooting a proposal was one of those and within the first week of the year I was able to cross that off the list. Not only that, but I can't think of two people whose proposal I would've wanted to witness more. I shot Aaron & Kenzie's grad photos when we all graduated from WSU a few years ago and they have to be some of the sweetest and nicest people I know.

Aaron and I met up at the mountain cabin he rented early in the morning to scope things out and figure out the plan. It's a good thing we did too because we had some unexpected curve balls thrown our way. The biggest was that the top layer of snow wasn't snow. It was inches of solid ice. The type you could skate on. The drive in and even walking was incredibly sketchy. So we decided it best to move the proposal inside.

Everything worked out awesome and I'm so happy I was able to both witness and document this incredible moment. Aaron and Kenzie are some of my favorite people and I can't wait to do a full engagement session with them soon!

2017 - A Year In Review

Looking back on 2017 I'd say this was an establishing year. I have been a photographer for 8 years now, but this was my first year as a full time licensed business and my first season as a wedding photographer. Some of my goals for the year I accomplished, some I didn't. But I learned so much and that is more valuable than anything. Not only that, but I had so much fun along the way.

Traveling, epic locations, and Instagram likes are all awesome, but its tears in the eyes of brides, grooms, and parents when they see their photos that mean the most to me. Hearing their expressions of gratitude and that they'll cherish these images for the rest of their lives is the greatest compliment I could ever receive and it's a big part of why I do what I do.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported throughout this first year. A special thanks is in order to my parents, friends, and especially everyone who has trusted me with capturing their love. I'm currently booking for 2018 and it's already shaping up to be a fantastic year. I can't wait to see what else is in store. 

Jenna & Mike - Winter Session

One of the things I love about photography is how it helps me stay connected with old friends. Back in the day there were more than a few times Jenna and I skipped school together to go get Subway. While her and Mike were visiting from their home in Kansas we got together for a photo session. They even flew their two cute puppies home with them. We had a lot of catching up to do and Jenna and Mike had lots of cool things to say. Little did I know they own a wedding venue in Kansas! How awesome is that? It's definitely going on my bucket list of venues now. 

Lindsey & Adam - Christmas Tree Farm

Man oh man does it feel good to be back. Between having surgery, recovering, and then Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to take any sessions during the month of November. That did allow me to work on many of the back end aspects of running a business though so no major complaints.

I had the idea of shooting at a Christmas tree farm during the weeks leading up to December. After hitting a goal on Instagram I put out a giveaway for a free session. Lindsey and Adam ended up the winners and, after bailing on the first two locations, we had a great little session as the early December sun went down over the valley.

Jessica & Levi - Motocross Engagement

I met Jessica and Levi at their house around 6:30 am. We didn't get back until around 11 pm. Every second in between (minus where I fell asleep...keep reading lol) was nothing but pure fun. Jessica and Levi are both huge motocross people. I grew up riding myself and although I sold my last bike a few years ago, I am still super passionate about the sport and follow motocross religiously. Fun fact about me most of you probably didn't know. 

They wanted to include some dirt bike themed photos in their engagement session. In true moto style, we decided to go big or go home. So with 5 bikes loaded up in their new 28' trailer, we headed out before sunrise to a riding area in Eastern Washington 3 hours away. It was beyond worth it.

We met up with their moto squad out there and they made it a hell of a fun day. It felt damn good to hang out around dirt bikes again for me and with such an energetic rowdy crew. We spent the day taking photos, riding motorcycles, and just hanging out in the sunshine. We were there all day until dark then loaded up and cruised back to Ellensburg (I fell asleep on that drive haha) for their group's traditional post riding day Mexican food.

Levi & Jessica did awesome during their session I'm pumped with these photos. Props to Levi for doing several massive burnouts and roasting a tire for the shot! I'm already looking forward to shooting their wedding next summer! 

Jessyka & Ellis - At Home

"Come on in! Would you like a mimosa?". I knew right away Jessyka and Ellis were my type of people. It's been too long since I did an in home session and they are definitely becoming one of my type of shoots. Jessyka and Ellis' living room was so photogenic we probably did half the session on that wall alone. I say this each time I get to work with a new couple, but they have to be the goofiest and coolest couple ever! That makes me realize time and again how grateful I am to get to do what I do. Thank you again Jessyka and Ellis!

Melissa & Zach - Mountain Engagement

Lake Wenatchee has been on my list of places to shoot for quite a while now. When I got my very first camera, an early photographer mentor of mine brought me over there during October to photograph some portraits and the fall colors. It's surreal returning at the same time 6 years later.

But before I go any further I need to give a huge shout out to Melissa and Zach. They were originally planning to drive 8 hours to come shoot with me. Lake Wenatchee ends up being about halfway between us though and I knew that would be an amazing place to do their engagement session. So we decided to meet there.

Despite the bitter cold winds it was excellent weather and we essentially had the entire location to ourselves the majority of the time. Zach and Melissa brought their dogs (YES!!!) and I was able to bring my dog Piper as well. It was quite the puppy fest and I wish every session could have dogs. They have such a cute little family and it was so fun taking their photos. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

Michaela - Mountain Portrait Session

Well, by popular request, the blogging of portrait sessions recommences. If you've been around for a while you may remember seeing a lot more blogs for portrait sessions and model work. When I "re-branded" my website earlier this year I elected to take all those off and focus strictly on couples to help "maintain my brand image". I tried out one of those nifty new Instagram polls however and a whopping 93% of followers said they wanted to see more portrait work.

And what better way to kick that off again than by sharing some images from a recent fall shoot I had with Michaela. After shooting earlier this spring, she hit me up to do another session for her. I don't see myself getting tired of couples, but it was nice to shoot some more portrait/model ish type stuff like I used to do so much of. We drove out into the mountains and played around shooting those moody northwest vibes that we all know and love. Thanks Michaela for doing so great in this session and braving the rain. 

Rachael & James - Waterfront Engagement

For Rachael and James' engagement session we returned to a cute little coffee shop where they met for the first time. At first it was a little crowded for photos so we grabbed coffee and walked down to the beach. James and Rachael might take the win for goofiest couple of the summer, and in the best possible way. I was smiling through my camera the entire time watching them interact with each other and hearing the jokes. We even got to go up the old Mukilteo lighthouse!

Caitlyn & Becky - Seattle Wedding

Last minute wedding round 2! Just 4 weeks ago I photographed Katelyn and Ryan's elopement. Joe, one of their close friends at that wedding, loved how the photos turned out and had some friends who still needed a photographer for their upcoming wedding. He referred Caitlyn and Becky to me and I'm so thankful he did. Shout out to you Joe for being so awesome and I'm glad we got to hang out again this summer!

And obviously a big shout out to Caitlyn and Becky! They are each really fun people to be around and I found myself laughing throughout the entire day. I'll fully admit I was a bit nervous for this one since I hadn't photographed a same sex wedding before. I'm happy to be able to cross that one off the list now. They not only were super easy to work with but also a ton of fun! Congrats you two!

Melissa & Austin - Beach Session

People who are excited about shooting and do whatever it takes to get the best photos are my absolute favorite to work with. And Melissa is for sure one of those people. We've shot together multiple times in the past on projects we've collaborated on. If you scroll to some of my blogs from last 2016, you'll see her among them.

This time her and Austin wanted to shoot together before she headed back to California. We had decided to head down to Discovery Park at sunrise. Neither of us had really been there before and weren't aware of the lack of parking near the beach. Temporarily ignoring all the government access only signs and notice of towing, we parked and quickly jaunted out around the beach. We knew this one was going to be a quick session to begin with, each of us having other early morning appointments, and we were able to bust out quickly. With about 20 minutes of actual shooting time Melissa and Austin got comfortable real quick and I wound up keeping almost 100 photos. You guys rock!

After the 4am wake up call, I ended up traveling to Bainbridge Island again later that day for another shoot. Needless to say, after the nighttime ferry ride back to the mainland I was exhausted and did my best to not fall asleep on the drive home. 

Katelyn & Ryan - Forest Elopement

Tuesday night DM on Instagram. Saturday elopement. That's how this one all went down. Katelyn and I used to hang out back in high school, though admittedly lost touch for a few years as can happen when people go to separate colleges and then make the transition into full time "adulting". It was so good to hear from her though, especially with the news that her and Ryan had decided to truly elope last minute and wanted me to photograph it. 

Katelyn and Ryan were some of the most fun and probably the most easy going people I've ever seen on their wedding day. From getting the wedding dress, organizing, and literally changing the entire event location last minute (180 minutes to be exact) when the original place got double booked, everything seemed to come together wonderfully. I'm so happy for Katelyn and thankful I was able to come along and document it all.