2018 - A Year In Review

Another year in the books! And I’d have to say 2018 was one of the best years ever for me as a photographer and business owner. I won’t bore you with statistics but I’m incredibly happy with how much I grew in business, and more importantly, how much I feel the quality of my photography improved and the relationships I made. I was able to shoot with so many amazing couples, meet a ton of new people, and make so many memories. I traveled to Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, and all around Washington for weddings and was able to cross off some amazing bucket list places like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Moab. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and made the year so great! Cheers to more adventures and making out in 2019!

Kayla & Reed - Rattlesnake Lake Engagement

The last session of 2018 (but still one wedding left) has come and gone. Man this was a fun one to end with as well! Kayla & Reed were fun easy going people from the first email till the last hug goodbye at their engagement session! We lucked out with the perfect winter weather at Rattlesnake Lake with hardly another soul around than us. We took photos to the most epic throwback playlist ever and laughed as their dog Zoey randomly decided to climb all the boulders over and over. So happy I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with these two!

MyKayla & Jonas - Big Cottonwood Canyon

While I was in Salt Lake City visiting friends and exploring new places I had the opportunity to do a session with MyKayla and Jonas. MyKayla Skinner is a world class gymnast and holds some damn impressive credentials such as: USA Olympic Team Member, World Medalist, National Team Member, and University of Utah team member. Pretty sweet to be able to say I’ve photographed an USA Olympian now!

We only had a limited time to take photos and we also froze pretty quickly. Photographing in the mountains of Utah in winter is no joke. It’s cold. But it was so awesome to finally visit Big Cottonwood Canyon in person! I’ve seen this area so many times on Instagram and it’s real why it’s a go to spot for Salt Lake City photographers. This trip was amazing and I found other amazing places I want to photograph couples now such as Moab, Dead Horse Point, and the Bonneville Salt Flats! Thanks MyKayla and Jonas for toughing out the cold and for a fun time!

Larysa & Ryan - Leavenworth Winter Engagement

From the Midwest of Ohio to the northwest mountains of Washington. That’s how Larysa and Ryan’s story began and I’m oh so glad it did. Because let me tell you, these are some great people and I felt like we got to know each other so well during our weekend adventure to Leavenworth for their engagement session!

This little mountain Bavarian village is the most festive place I’ve ever seen and feels like walking through a real life gingerbread house. We strolled around exploring the shops, drinking coffee, and taking in the sights for a while before we cruised further up into the mountains in search of snow. And of course, we all warmed up at the end with beers from a Midwest brewery. I applaud Larysa and Ryan for the Jager bombs they tossed back also. I already know their wedding next year at Trinity Tree Farm is gonna be so rad!

Courtney & Robert - Autumn Engagement

It’s so cool when one set of friendships leads to another. I met Courtney when she was a bridesmaid in Jessica and Levi’s wedding this summer. Now here we are just a few months later doing her and Robert’s engagement photos and I have their wedding on the books for 2019!

We ended up spontaneously switching up our plan for their session which ended up being awesome. We had the perfect combination of foggy moody weather and also bright golden hour at sunset. I finally got to shoot at Rattlesnake Lake too which was fun to cross off the list. It was great hanging out, taking photos, and shotgunning beers with these guys! Their wedding next year in Southern Washington is gonna be a good one just you wait!

Kelsey & Tyler - Mt. Baker Sunset Engagement

The section of mountains near Mt. Baker has to be one of my favorite places in Washington. I made it a goal at the beginning of this year to photograph a couple here at least once. Heading up with Kelsey and Tyler was the third session here for 2018 so I’d call that a success! The amount of trails and cool little areas up here are endless and I had a great time exploring around with these two.

Kelsey, Tyler, and I are all WSU alumi (Go Cougs!!!). They met at our favorite bar on campus and the rest is history! I always love hanging with other WSU people because we instantly have such a connection from our time there. Pullman community really is like a big family and like no other. Sunset in the mountains with these guys was so much fun and I can’t wait for their summer wedding next year!

Kaela & Alex - North Cascades Engagement

October in the Pacific Northwest can be tough to beat. Especially when you get a day like we did for Kaela and Alex’s engagement session. We drove through the North Cascades and shot at some of the most iconic places like Diablo Lake and Washington Pass. Kaela and Alex have basically been together since junior high. Who knew such cool things could come from math class! I had a great time adventuring the cloudy mountains with these two, talking about our dog obsessions, and running their car out of gas at the end of the day! Can’t wait to photograph their wedding next summer!

Lena & Vitaliy - Latourell Falls Adventure

Amazing! Stoked! Raw and real! These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about shooting with Lena and Vitaliy. As a photographer it’s easy to get excited when subjects have great chemistry with the camera and, to put it simply, are just naturals. That was absolutely the case with Lena and Vitaliy. But what was so cool was that you could tell they just couldn’t help themselves but wrapping each other up regardless of it being a photo shoot. These guys are just crazy about each other and didn’t have to turn it up a notch. I’m so glad I was able to connect with them while I was in Portland for a few days.

Kara & Kyle - Colombia River Gorge Anniversary Session

After spending 3 days at Cannon Beach for Rachael and James’ wedding (Take a look here) I cruised east to hang out with some friends in Portland/Vancouver and do a few sessions. Right when I arrived in Portland I drove straight to Kara and Kyle’s, hopped in their car with them and we headed out into the Colombia River Gorge.

Kara and I knew each other from high school and then we both went to WSU (Go Cougs!!). That’s where she met Kyle. He was the house boy for her sorority. If that’s not a rad college sweethearts that became husband/wife story then….well then nothing cuz it absolutely is!

Oregon waterfalls are the best. We had an awesome session shortly before they celebrated 3 years of marriage. It was the first time I’d met Kyle, first time I’d seen Kara in a long time, and I felt like I instantly hit if off with them. They’re some of the nicer people ever and I feel like WSU alumni are one big family! We chatted about where we’d like to live, our goals, fly fishing (I’m convinced Kyle is gonna teach me now), and tons else. Speaking of where to live, if you’re ever house hunting in the greater Portland area Kara is your girl! She’s fantastic and the best real estate agent out there! Check her out here.

Happy anniversary you two!

Rachael & James - Oregon Coast Wedding

Rachael & James’ wedding is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with them in Cannon Beach. We shot their engagement session (check it out here) last September and since then it’s been so cool to pick up on all the little quirks and things that make their relationship such their own. Rachael and I first met back in high school almost a decade ago (I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out) and it’s been a pleasure getting to know James throughout this past year.

While we ended up getting quite an ugly storm on the wedding day and needing to move the ceremony indoors, I’ll still take a day on the Oregon Coast any time. Thankfully we did catch a 40 minute break just long enough to get some portraits outside. The rest of the weekend was dry though and I had a wonderful time with everyone over these three days. I don’t think I’ve ever met a bridal party that was more welcoming and friendly. From Friday night brewery trips with the boys, to late night hangs with the girls, every minute was awesome. This is a weekend I will not soon forget. Rachael, James, thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of such a special time.

Venue: Surfsand Resort
Florals: Mercer Island Florist
Gown: The White Dress Portland

Breanna & Kevin - At Home With The Puppy

The other day I stopped by to see my friends Breanna & Kevin and meet their new puppy. You may recognize them from this session we did in spring. This morning we were just hanging out as friends, not really intending to do a shoot but I brought my camera #becausepuppy. We took photos for maybe 10 minutes but I couldn’t help sharing a few of these! Maybe a full in home session will be in store for the future!

Ally & Garrett - Mt. Baker Elopement

When a shoot is planned at your favorite place in Washington, you know it's going to be good no matter what. The section of the North Cascades near Mt. Baker is somewhere I look forward to visiting every summer/fall. After an epic autumn portrait session (Check it out here) I knew I wanted to shoot a couple here at the soonest opportunity. 

That came in the form of this styled elopement with Ally and Garrett. Two of the most chill and fun people I've had the pleasure of spending time with this summer. We had some of the best conversations talking about our Enneagram styles during the long car ride. As we predicted, the heavy smoke from wildfires diminished the usually bold mountain views. But we had a blast regardless and I had to steal a bunch of great new bluesy music from Garrett into a new playlist I appropriately named "Smoky Aftertaste". We were all happy about how the photos turned out and several of them have already been shared on popular feature accounts such as PNWedding and Adventurousstorytellers

Huge thank you to Ally, Garrett, and all the vendors that participated in making this styled shoot such a great one! Check them out and give them a follow!

Featured on: Wandering Weddings

Florals: Sarah Severin
Gown: Kirsten Paige
Hair: Shannon Wylie

Katelyn & Ryan - Mountain Anniversary

I can't believe it's been a year since Katelyn and Ryan eloped. It's been such a blessing being a part of couples' journeys over time and I can't wait to see what else happens for them.

Spontaneoty seems to be a theme during shooting with these two. Last year at their elopement (check it out here) we had to change the entire ceremony/reception location with just a few hours notice. Same thing again. We were planning on going to the coast but ended up trading for the mountains due to some really ugly looking weather near the ocean. Katelyn also wasn't able to get her actual wedding dress the morning of so we used this forestry gown instead. We roll with the punches.

Here's how the rest of the day went: Head to the mountains, tried out a few random locations, had some insane weather and lighting, went in the lake, ended with day with burgers, beers, and shots of fireball. Happy one year you two!

Florals: Sarah Severin