Spring Adventures

It's been quite a while since I last did a blog post so I'm excited to share some stories and photos of some adventures I was recently able to do. Over the course of about eight or nine days I traveled thousands of miles which included hiking snow capped mountains in Washington all the way to exploring vast desert canyons in northern and southern Arizona. I also had the opportunity to shoot some fashion portraits with both new friends and old. 


Saturday I drove from Vancouver to my family's in Snohomish. Along the way the rain let up so I decided to stop in Seattle and take a short detour to shoot some photos of the skyline. It's always so refreshing to visit the city once in a while and it certainly does feel like home. Sunday, my plans got rained out by a never ending downpour. That was ok though because I helped do some work around mom's house and got to spend time with the family. 

On Monday my friend Jake and I met up early in the morning to go hike to the historic fire lookout at the peak of Mt. Pilchuck. We had hiked many times on Pilchuck but we had never had the chance to make it to the summit. I'm really glad we were finally able to make it happen. There ended up being a healthy amount of snow throughout the entire hike which was really enjoyable since there really hasn't been snow around the northwest this winter. Unfortunately the clouds had surrounded us by the time we reached the top and, although it did make a cool atmosphere, there wasn't really much to see or take photos of. I was able to pause and take a few images such as these on the way up though.   

Kirkland Waterfont-1.jpg

Tuesday was a day spent with friends. I was able to have coffee with Danyelle in the morning, lunch with Chelsey during the day, and then drinks with KayeLee in the evening. I'm so thankful for all the great friends I have. I took this photo at the Kirkland waterfront after KayeLee and I had some St. Patrick's Day drinks. 

Those first few days weren't boring by any means, but I'd say here is where the adventure really began. Wednesday morning I drove up to Bellingham to meet up with fashion blogger Breanna Sankey. We had been communicating online about shooting together and an opportunity came which I'm super thankful for. Her fashion blog is awesome and I encourage you guys to check it out. She recently accepted an internship at Nordstrom and I'm super excited to see stuff from her in the future. 

Also shooting with us was Breanna Marie Photography. I've been friends with her online for quite a while but also had yet to meet in person. I reached out to her knowing she was also in Bellingham and it turns out they both were friends and had worked together before. Small world right? Breanna is an amazing photographer and if you haven't seen her work, you should definitely take a look. 

Although it was a fun and casual get together, the two Breannas were shooting for Madwell's spring clothing line. I let Breanna try out my 85mm lens and got a few behind the scenes shots of her in action. 

I'm super thankful to have gotten the chance to meet up and work together. They are each incredibly talented and kindhearted girls and I'm excited to hopefully shoot with them again in the future. 

After shooting with the girls, I hung out with my sister for a while before I had to head to the airport. We walked around Western Washington University and she gave me the tour of where she goes to school. It's a gorgeous campus and I'm sure it would be fun to shoot at. Ice cream in downtown Bellingham with your sister is a necessity. 

After ice cream it was time for my sister to drop me off at the Bellingham airport and head out to Arizona. I was able to fund nearly the entire cost of this trip after doing a print sale. So a big thank you goes out to all of you who bought photos from me and helped make this possible. 

I have to extend an enormous thank you to my dear friend Michelle who was kind enough to invite me to come visit and host me. Close friendships really mean more to me than just about anything and I'm so thankful that we have been good friends for a number of years now. 

Michelle had to work during my first day there so I decided to go explore on my own. For personal reasons, I wanted to visit the Arizona State University campus. So I took the bus to Tempe and probably did about six miles of walking between there and Scottsdale. 

Michelle Desert-22.jpg

After Michelle got home from work and I returned from Tempe, we decided to go do a little sunset exploring. Another photographer friend of mine had recommended Papago Park in Scottsdale. Michelle had never been either and it was only five minutes away so we went and did a short hike and took a few desert portraits. 

Two nights in a row we went and explored old town Scottsdale as well as Tempe. Ate awesome food, got some ice cream, and took in the sights. I don't think I could live in a desert environment, but I liked the vibes of the southwest. 

Antelope Canyon-1.jpg

We had planned to go explore antelope canyon and horseshoe bend on Saturday only to find out the night before while at dinner that scheduled tours were the only way to visit antelope canyon. And...the only one that had space available was for 8am. So what did we do? We rallied and got up at 2am and drove four hours from Scottsdale to Page to make sure we were there by the 7:30 check in. It was kind of an exciting adrenaline rush and so worth it. 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take the extended "photography" tour so I wasn't allowed to bring a tripod nor given much time. All the below images are hand held but I'm still so happy that I made it to this amazing place I'm not gonna complain.

Horseshoe Bend-17.jpg

After we toured antelope canyon, we went to horseshoe bend for a while. We weren't able to visit either of these locations when the lighting was very good but like I said, I'm so incredibly thankful to have been able to visit both of these iconic landscapes. Now I will just have an excuse to go back as well. 

I've certainly become incredibly addicted to traveling. I love what I do and I hope I get to go explore again as soon as possible. Thank you for everyone who's taken the time to check out my blog and support my work. Until next time - WM