The Diversity of a Model

For those of you who have been following my work throughout this year, you may have seen me posting with Jasmine a lot. We were introduced through a mutual friend and while I was living in the Portland/Vancouver area. We got to shoot together 4 different times and in 4 different styles. I have yet to work with another model who has such diversity and it was a pleasure to collaborate with Jasmine. Each shoot we did turned out with so many post worthy shots. For the sake of not having this blog be too fatiguing, I will just include a few from each session. Be on the look out for me to come on my Facebook and Instagram though.

The first shoot we did was just a casual laid back fashion session. We met up at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and took some photos in front of the rustic architecture. During this shoot, I was looking to get more of a dramatic type feel. Right from the get go, Jasmine was really good at embodying the type of mood we were working towards. In between photos though, it was all laughs and smiles the entire time. 

A few months later, we got the opportunity to do something neither of us had really done before. A giant studio shoot. I have a studio setup myself, but this time a photographer friend of mine let me use his rented studio space along with all his lighting equipment so I was able to shoot with much more extensive lighting setups than in the past.

I would say that I've developed a style of photography which consists of simplicity. I don't do too much editing to my images usually and try to create my images in camera through subject matter, composition, depth of field, etc. But it's good to constantly be expanding and learning new things as an artist and this is a concept that I'd be sitting on for a while. I wanted to do some sports/fitness themed composite images. So I shot Jasmine in the studio under dynamic lighting, then shot the background image separately and fused the two together later on.

I think the final result turned out pretty well, though there is always room for improvement. I've been collecting more background images throughout my travels and I hope to do some more composites in the future with some other people. Check out a few more we did below.

Shoot number 3. Boudoir. Once again this was a style neither of us had done before. I'm really happy with how this one turned out though. We shot at Jasmine's house and I'd say the whole setup was perfect. The color scheme of her room, decorations, furniture, lighting, etc. all created a really good atmosphere to work within. 

Shooting in the morning was a perfect time to utilize the big window in Jasmine's bedroom. With some overcast weather outside, the lighting was great. I think we did a good job keeping our shoot classy as well. From the outfits to the poses, we were able to create photos that were sensual but still somewhat tasteful and not overly trashy. It was a good one to check off my list and I'd love to experiment shooting in this style again in the future.

Last but not least, shoot number 4. I had gone exploring in the Columbia River Gorge area and found some spots that I knew would be really cool to shoot at. We wanted to get epic morning light so we met up super early and headed east on the Oregon side of the river. 

After hitting some places on the Oregon side of the river, we crossed back over into Washington to shoot at Horsethief Butte. We didn't really have too much of a concept for this shoot. We just decided to go explore the landscapes and see what we came up with.

It was great working with Jasmine so I'd like to thank her for all the fun and great photos we got. I have some other shoots coming up in some cool new areas as well. Until then, I'll leave you guys with a few more from this last session with Jasmine. Thanks everyone for checking out my latest post. I'd love to hear some feedback from my followers on what you guys think of my photos/writing so please feel free to get in touch with me. Until next time - WM