Autumn Mountains With Sydney

Fall definitely has to be my favorite season of the year. The deciduous trees litter the landscape of surrounding evergreens and mountains with impressive yellow, orange, and red color palettes of the changing leaves. The air becomes cooler and crisper. The fog and mist returns. The overall atmosphere creates a mood that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. So I knew I wanted to get out and take photos as much as possible.

Sydney Starkk Blog 1.jpg

I recently discovered Sydney on Instagram through a mutual photographer friend of ours. Right away I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. Both her fashion and modeling styles seemed to be quite analogous with what I've enjoyed shooting lately. After reaching out and learning she was interested, we set our plans and were able to make this shoot happen soon after.

We headed up to Artist Point in the North Cascades mountains. Tucked between Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker with 10/10 views in every direction, it's one of my favorite places in Washington. I've been wanting to shoot with a model here for quite some time so I'm really happy it was finally able to happen.

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The weather forecast called for overcast conditions during the morning we had planned. This is what I was hoping for. I was actually almost concerned that it would be too overcast, blocking the views or we might get rained out. As you can see in the images, this was totally not the case. We had little to no cloud cover and the harsh lighting conditions proved to be a challenge early on. I've encountered this so many times by now though it doesn't worry me. Even if it's not ideal conditions, I'm confident in my capability to roll with the punches and find ways to get it done.

If you live in Washington, I highly encourage you to take a trip to Artist Point. There's great elevation changes, twists and turns galore, massive open spaces, and stellar surrounding mountain views that will make you feel like you're straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The mountains ended up being more blown out than I had hoped due to the harsh light. I'm honestly still really happy with this set of images though and can always go back again in the future. Which I'm sure I will, because this place has so much potential. 

After we finished at the summit, we switched to look number two and started descending down the mountain to shoot in some shaded areas. I gave Sydney some general outfit ideas I was interested in and was beyond stoked with what she came up with. 

As it turns out, Sydney and I went to the same school for a while. So we got to spend time reminiscing about the past and figuring out the other mutual people we knew which was fun.

Even with the less than ideal lighting conditions, the views were insanely cool.

During the driving time when we weren't talking, we jammed out to some throwbacks.

Sydney Starkk Blog 21.jpg

I'm usually so simplistic in my editing process that I hardly do any adjustments. But for this I tried desaturating some of the yellows and greens to mellow out the background from being too overpowering in the bright light.

Although most of the epic background was lost because of the lighting, sometimes you can have fun with it so I still enjoyed this spot.

On our way back down the mountain highway I spotted a gravel road offshoot. If you have the time and gas to spare, it's a no brainer to me. You always take the gravel road and see where it leads. This one ended up taking us to an epic lookout spot where I definitely will be coming back to camp. 

Sydney Starkk Blog 26.jpg

Sydney and I also got to have some really good talks on topics like business, modeling/photography industry, Instagram community, relationships, life in general, etc. I love meeting and connecting with new people and that's just as much fun as the photo shoot itself to me. 10/10 conversation quality. 

Sydney Starkk Blog 27.jpg

I don't think I'll ever grow tired of shooting beautiful girls with hats like these either.

After descending from the mountain peaks, we stopped along the mountain highway to shoot with the golden fall leaves. These only last a few weeks usually and I'm glad I was able to get some good portraits this year. 

After shooting a more serious look throughout the day, we decided to wrap it up with some light hearted playful shots. 

And of course to end the day, nothing sounded better than burgers and milk shakes. So we headed into Bellingham and had our post-shoot lunch. Thanks Sydney for another great shoot to add to the books. Make sure to follower her @sydneystarkk because, spoiler alert*, she's gonna be up to some cool things soon. Pumped on all the images we ended up with and I hope to be back again with another set to share before too long. See you guys soon - WM