Summer Evenings With Melissa

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm working with a bunch of new people this summer so there will be new posts coming more often. I got connected with Melissa early in the summer and we finally got the chance to set up a shoot together. I'm pretty stoked to share these images because the session went really well.

Melissa started following me on Instagram and as soon as I checked out her profile I was intrigued. She's a super talented model who has worked with some great photographers and her photo feed speaks for itself. All her photos and her bio said that she was located in San Diego however so I didn't foresee us working together anytime soon. Not long after though, I saw her post that she was back home in Washington. I immediately shot her a message and we were both stoked to get together and take some photos.

We shot a local wildlife park along the Snohomish river. Ironically this is where I had my senior photos taken back in the day. Thankfully the park is big enough and timing was good so that we didn't have to work around many other people being there.

We made our way down to the river and we timed it just right with the lighting.

Melissa has a great style of modeling and it was cool to bring together both aesthetic styles and knowledge for this shoot.

After we finished shooting by the river, we switched to the second look and we made our way back up towards the fields.

The trail down to the river had a few massive clusters of logs and tall grass to get through. Thanks to Melissa for being such a champ and dealing with the unexpected obstacle course as well as me getting us lost through the bushes at least once haha.

This final round of images we got in the field are probably my favorite from the set.

I set up my 7D and shot a little bit of behind the scenes footage. There should be a short documentary film coming by the end of summer.

Model selfies for Snapchat are a must of course. 

Thanks to Melissa for another great shoot to add to the books. Hopefully her and I will work together again in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed this set and I should be back with another soon! Until then - WM