Eastern Washington Motocross Engagement - Jessica & Levi

I met Jessica and Levi at their house around 6:30 am. We didn't get back until around 11 pm. Every second in between (minus where I fell asleep...keep reading lol) was nothing but pure fun. Jessica and Levi are both huge motocross people. I grew up riding myself and although I sold my last bike a few years ago, I am still super passionate about the sport and follow motocross religiously. Fun fact about me most of you probably didn't know. 

They wanted to include some dirt bike themed photos in their engagement session. In true moto style, we decided to go big or go home. So with 5 bikes loaded up in their new 28' trailer, we headed out before sunrise to a riding area in Eastern Washington 3 hours away. It was beyond worth it.

We met up with their moto squad out there and they made it a hell of a fun day. It felt damn good to hang out around dirt bikes again for me and with such an energetic rowdy crew. We spent the day taking photos, riding motorcycles, and just hanging out in the sunshine. We were there all day until dark then loaded up and cruised back to Ellensburg (I fell asleep on that drive haha) for their group's traditional post riding day Mexican food.

Levi & Jessica did awesome during their session I'm pumped with these photos. Props to Levi for doing several massive burnouts and roasting a tire for the shot! I'm already looking forward to shooting their wedding next summer!