Pabst Family - Senior & Family Photos

Family isn't always blood. I'm beyond grateful to have grown up having Auntie Cris and Uncle Fred as my godparents. Casey and Jay are also like the brothers I never had. It was an amazing time traveling over to Bainbridge Island for a weekend of laughs, amazing food, a lot of hugs, and a lot of taking photos.

Anytime I take the ferry in and out of Seattle, it always is such a humbling reminder of how much I love living in this great city and a short boat ride across to the island is always a welcomed getaway. It blows me away that it's already been 3 years since I was there shooting Casey's senior photos. Jay and I shot in some of the same locations and it gave me a real case of deja vu. Living a short jaunt up the hill from beautiful Port Madison made things really easy for great beach access and taking photos. Not to mention their gorgeous yard and home is super photogenic as well.

My time spent there couldn't have been better. Everything from drinks and cornhole outside in the sun, homemade pizza in the pizza oven, ping pong machines and old school jukebox, and most importantly the quality of the people makes me love what I do so much more. An extra thank you to Fred, Cris, Casey, and Jay for helping celebrate my birthday as well. I love you all.