Discovery Park Sunrise - Melissa & Austin

People who are excited about shooting and do whatever it takes to get the best photos are my absolute favorite to work with. And Melissa is for sure one of those people. We've shot together multiple times in the past on projects we've collaborated on. If you scroll to some of my blogs from last 2016, you'll see her among them.

This time her and Austin wanted to shoot together before she headed back to California. We had decided to head down to Discovery Park at sunrise. Neither of us had really been there before and weren't aware of the lack of parking near the beach. Temporarily ignoring all the government access only signs and notice of towing, we parked and quickly jaunted out around the beach. We knew this one was going to be a quick session to begin with, each of us having other early morning appointments, and we were able to bust out quickly. With about 20 minutes of actual shooting time Melissa and Austin got comfortable real quick and I wound up keeping almost 100 photos. You guys rock!

After the 4am wake up call, I ended up traveling to Bainbridge Island again later that day for another shoot. Needless to say, after the nighttime ferry ride back to the mainland I was exhausted and did my best to not fall asleep on the drive home.