Colombia River Gorge Oregon Anniversary Session - Kara & Kyle

After spending 3 days at Cannon Beach for Rachael and James’ wedding (Take a look here) I cruised east to hang out with some friends in Portland/Vancouver and do a few sessions. Right when I arrived in Portland I drove straight to Kara and Kyle’s, hopped in their car with them and we headed out into the Colombia River Gorge.

Kara and I knew each other from high school and then we both went to WSU (Go Cougs!!). That’s where she met Kyle. He was the house boy for her sorority. If that’s not a rad college sweethearts that became husband/wife story then….well then nothing cuz it absolutely is!

Oregon waterfalls are the best. We had an awesome session shortly before they celebrated 3 years of marriage. It was the first time I’d met Kyle, first time I’d seen Kara in a long time, and I felt like I instantly hit if off with them. They’re some of the nicer people ever and I feel like WSU alumni are one big family! We chatted about where we’d like to live, our goals, fly fishing (I’m convinced Kyle is gonna teach me now), and tons else. Speaking of where to live, if you’re ever house hunting in the greater Portland area Kara is your girl! She’s fantastic and the best real estate agent out there! Check her out here.

Happy anniversary you two!