Snoqualmie River Session - Breanna & Kevin

It's always a privilege when other creatives I'm inspired by trust me with photographing them. Not only are Kevin and Breanna awesome photographers, they're some of the nicest people you'll ever meet (Example A: when I lost my chap stick and Breanna gave me one of their home made ones!). I knew right away I would be excited to shoot with them. I mean, man oh man do they have style!

Deciding to wing it, we headed out to a location on the Snoqualmie River none of us had been too before and it worked out perfectly. Not only do Breanna and Kevin look amazing together (Ryan Gosling doppelganger?), they're the kind of couple that you can tell truly are amazing together even after a single meeting. The way the interact with each other both goofily and intimately, even when the camera isn't pointed at them is amazing to see. And to think they got together all because of a college roommate with bad body odor (I'm not gonna tell the story but trust me it's a good one). 

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