Grand Teton National Park Adventure Engagement - Trish & Sean

Where to even begin…this trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park was one I will never forget for so many reasons. I owe thanks to all of my couples but before I say anything further, I need to convey the greatest amount of gratitude that words can muster to Trish and Sean. After seeing the Tetons were on my bucket list, they decided to fly me from Seattle to Jackson Hole. We went above and beyond for their adventure engagement photos and it’s all thanks to them, and Sean’s parents, for making it happen. Sometimes you’re lucky enough in life to come across people you just connect with immediately. I feel like I hit it off with them from our very first meeting, and not just in the sense that we had similar interests (although even that is true more than ever) but in that extra special way that you sometimes can’t put your finger on but just know when you it happens.

We spent 4 days together in Wyoming photographing, adventuring, and bonding. There are so many things I’ll remember from this trip. Let me list just a few: sunsets and sunrises in the Grand Tetons, hot tubbing under the milky way every night while listening to the elk bugle, four wheeling up mountains, floating the river, driving through Yellowstone, amazing breakfasts on the porch, being off my phone and fully present, to name but a few.

We photographed two sessions in the Tetons, one at sunset and one at sunrise, and they’re some of my most meaningful images ever. Meaningful because of what is represented in these photos. Incredible people trusting me to document their connection to each other, us opening up to each other, being vulnerable together and bonding together. Experiencing novelty in wild, out of the ordinary places, being unsure of what we’ll encounter but leaning into that uncertainty with enthusiasm. I owe so much to these two as well as Sean’s parents who were gracious enough to invite me into their home and make me feel so welcomed. While this wasn’t my first time to the Grand Tetons, it will hold entirely new meaning to me and a special place in my heart from now on. Trish & Sean, I’m so glad our paths crossed. You’re family now! Can’t wait for your wedding next year!

PART I - Sunset

Part II - Sunrise