La Push Engagement Camping - Katryna & Ryan

Any day spent out on the Washington coast is automatically a good day. I recently journeyed out to La Push for Katryna and Ryan’s engagement session which turned out to be incredible. I try and make a trip out to Second Beach a couple times a year, but admittedly I hadn’t been as recently before this trip. I received an exciting email from Katryna and Ryan which made an already excited me, even more excited! They asked if I would like to camp out overnight with them during the engagement session. I’ve always aimed to include as much of the outdoors and adventure into my photography as possible, so this was a huge yes for me!

We caught the Edmonds-Kingston ferry in the morning and had a nice drive out to La Push, arriving with the perfect amount of time to hike down to the beach and set up camp (despite almost locking ourselves out of the car where all our gear was haha). After we debated where to set up our tents and hopefully not get woken up water hitting our feet during the 3 a.m. high tide, we spent time wandering up and down the beach during sunset. These guys both did so well during the session. I’ve taken photos here several times, but I’ve wanted to photograph a couple for a long time, and it feels great to finally have accomplished that. I even took some film photos which I’m hoping to do more often.

We weren’t planning on having a fire and didn’t bring any paper, kindling, or fire starter of any kind. But before the light was entirely vanished, we dashed around the beach collecting small material to hopefully get a fire started. Despite driftwood sometimes being stubborn, we got it going and enjoyed the next few hours cooking dinner and listening to music around the fire. Next morning, we packed up and headed out, stopping by Lake Crescent to do a trail run up Storm King and jump into the lake for some epic images. This entire trip felt like a real-life Subaru ad and I’m so excited for these two and their adventurous spirits. Their wedding this summer at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon is going to be just the same, I have a feeling.

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