A Trip To Mt. Rainier

I was recently able to get together with Jordan to take some photos after being connected by a mutual photographer friend of ours. We set up a date and decided to shoot around Mt. Rainier. I had only been here once, about 5 years ago, in the winter. 

Most of the girls I've shot with in recent months have actually been fairly new to modeling. This was the case with Jordan as well. However she did a great job picking up on things quickly. 

It's the time of year when the wildflowers come into bloom near the mountain. This was one thing that attracted us towards shooting here so we took a lot of images that incorporated the flowers. 

This shoot actually turned out to be a bit of a struggle if I can be honest. With it being a weekend, traveling anywhere in Mt. Rainier National Park there were enormous crowds of people, trails were restricted, and areas to shoot were limited. We also had to wait for the sun to go down some before the lighting was suitable for the spots we had chosen.

We were limited to the trails nearby Paradise but we ended up finding a few spots to take photos and avoid the crowds.

The majority of Mt. Rainier was covered by clouds while we were shooting. This was a bit disappointing after the 3 hour drive to get here. But, you can't win em all right? The surrounding peaks and valleys were amazing and still made for some great photos. 

Mt. Rainier National Park has so many awesome areas that I still have yet to visit. I'd definitely like to get back here again in the future, perhaps with better preparation and at a time not during peak tourist visitation. 

One of my goals for the next few months is to get some photo books created. I'd like to include as much diversity as I can so I'm still waiting to complete shoots with more models I'm collaborating with. Those should be out and available to anyone who's interested by this fall. 

A big thank you is in order to Jordan for not only modeling, but for putting in the driving time and being patient with the challenging conditions. And as always, thanks to everyone reading. Back again soon - WM