Lauren & Chad - Autumn Engagement

This week I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement session for an old high school friend of mine. Lauren was referred to me by her sister and she had some awesome ideas for taking photos that I'm excited to share.

Lauren had the idea to shoot at Bob's Corn. Since we originally planned on shooting over the weekend, we thought that it may be difficult navigating the crowds there. Due to a massive weather storm prediction and an extended forecast showing more rain than not, we spontaneously decided to rally and shoot our session midweek. With about two hours notice, but we made it happen. 

Lauren and Chad were so awesome to work with. Those who have spent time on either side of the camera know that sometimes there can be a certain amount of nervousness at first. It took very little effort or time to break the ice and get these two comfortable though. They were so playful on their own and did excellent being receptive to any suggestions I threw out. 

Our location was awesome and we really lucked out with great lighting conditions. Even with a decent amount of cars in the lot, Bob's Corn had so much space for us to get away and have our own area to shoot without interruption.  

I'm really happy with the amount of fall colors I've been able to incorporate in portrait shoots this year. I especially love this set where the orange continues from the background to the foreground with the leaves and pumpkins.

Prior to this session, I had been planning on shooting some fashion/portrait looks with a model in a corn maze. I'd definitely like to make that happen after seeing how great these turned out with Chad and Lauren.

I love when couples, or people in general for that matter, aren't afraid to act goofy, mess around, or be themselves. Even when I would tell Chad and Lauren to act playful with each other, the authenticity was never forged. They have such a great connection with each other and I think it's safe to say that can be seen in the photos.

It turns out that Lauren, Chad, and I are all die hard WSU fans. Bob's Corn has a murdered out Coug tractor so for our last shots before it became too dark, we most certainly had to get some in front of it. Shout out to Bob's Corn for doing such a cool job of representing my alma mater. 

Super grateful to be a part of Chad and Lauren's engagement celebration. Big thanks are in order to them. I've loved doing these engagement sessions lately and hope to continue with more soon! Thanks for reading. - WM