Idaho wedding

2018 - A Year In Review

Another year in the books! And I’d have to say 2018 was one of the best years ever for me as a photographer and business owner. I won’t bore you with statistics but I’m incredibly happy with how much I grew in business, and more importantly, how much I feel the quality of my photography improved and the relationships I made. I was able to shoot with so many amazing couples, meet a ton of new people, and make so many memories. I traveled to Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, and all around Washington for weddings and was able to cross off some amazing bucket list places like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Moab. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and made the year so great! Cheers to more adventures and making out in 2019!

2017 - A Year In Review

Looking back on 2017 I'd say this was an establishing year. I have been a photographer for 8 years now, but this was my first year as a full time licensed business and my first season as a wedding photographer. Some of my goals for the year I accomplished, some I didn't. But I learned so much and that is more valuable than anything. Not only that, but I had so much fun along the way.

Traveling, epic locations, and Instagram likes are all awesome, but its tears in the eyes of brides, grooms, and parents when they see their photos that mean the most to me. Hearing their expressions of gratitude and that they'll cherish these images for the rest of their lives is the greatest compliment I could ever receive and it's a big part of why I do what I do.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported throughout this first year. A special thanks is in order to my parents, friends, and especially everyone who has trusted me with capturing their love. I'm currently booking for 2018 and it's already shaping up to be a fantastic year. I can't wait to see what else is in store.