My Approach

Let's Vibe Together!

I'm all about connection. I want to get to know you, to capture who you are as people and who you are together. I also think it's just as important that I reciprocate that and I want to share who I really am with you. I strive to capture authenticity and it's much more than just smiling for a camera. My goal is not to pose you and have you hold still while I take a photo, but to help you be comfortable as your true selves and create real moments of connection between you two, not stage them. Be goofy, tell me what you’re passionate about, and don't be afraid to crack a dirty joke. Connecting on a one on one level is what I'm all about and if we shoot together you can expect us to be friends from then on. Listening to people's stories, quality conversation, and the serendipity of experiences just can't be beat for me.

What Makes Us A Good Fit?

Nature and its adventures have always been a big affection of mine. It's part of how I got into photography and find that it's often where I create some of my most passionate work. Long drives and bonding conversations to beautiful locations are my jam. If you want to go explore or aren't afraid of tackling the outdoors, then we will be a great match. But at the end of the day it's not about only those willing to hike up a mountain side or wake up at sunset. It's about those who place value on preserving their memories through photos and who are excited to put effort into that, regardless of the style or location. Those are the couples I get so excited to work with! Let's go create memories together and have a dang good time!